#Spotlight – Project Dinosaur by Ryan Mark & Will Kaye #MG #YA #scifi #adventure #timetravel @Author_RyanMark

proj dino

If you were given a chance to go back in time, would you take it?

Benjamin and his sister, Rose, have been set a mission by Professor Arkwright to record the K-T extinction event and gather some specimens. But when a huge flying reptile snatches the key to their time machine, they are forced to venture further into the prehistoric wilderness, encountering some of the deadliest creatures to have ever roamed Earth. Will they survive, or will they suffer the same fate as the dinosaurs?

Let’s Fly Through Time!

Project: Dinosaur is a collaboration in between Ryan Mark and his 15 y/o cousin Will Kaye. A time travelling scifi adventure story aimed at middle grade and young adult readers.

Project: Dinosaur is now available on Amazon UK ¦ USA 

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About the Authors

ryanRyan and Will both live in Kendal, a small market town in rural north England. This is Ryan’s third novel, after his bestselling dystopian tale Tremor (2014) and it’s sequel, Fracture (2015). A fourth book, title yet to be revealed, will be released by Ryan very soon.

willWill’s main interest is mixed martial arts, and he’s won several medals and contests in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and intends to compete in many more in the future. Will started writing Project: Dinosaur with Ryan when he was ten years old, finally finishing it when he was fifteen.

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    • Hahahaha, Drew! Alas, no, I will leave that specific brand of dino books to be featured on your blog- you have the perfect humour to pull the feature off 😉

      Yes! It is! and I’m like stuck with ANY of my writing!

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