41101775If you value your life, stay out of the forest.

As a captive of the Owl Queen’s Court, Nascha’s life has always been one knife’s edge away from disaster. But when she is threatened for nothing more than the colour of her hair, Nascha attempts the unthinkable: escape through the dreaded Magpie King’s forest.

Hunted by sharp toothed and sharper witted foxfolk, and hated by all for being a witch, Nascha fears herself doomed until she joins forces with a mysterious young man. With him she finds a glimmer of hope, even as her own unpredictable powers flicker into existence.

But hope is fleeting.

The forces arrayed against her are insurmountable, and Nascha soon comes to realise that pursuit of her own freedom will come at a greater cost to the forest. As the darkness closes in around them, Nascha is forced to ask: At what price is she willing to purchase her life? How dearly is she willing to sell it?

Source Format Pages Publisher Genre Publication Date
Author eARC 329 indie Fantasy (Dark/Folklore) September 26th, 2018

Before we move on to my thoughts about the fourth Yarnsworld book, let’s just take a few moments to appreciate some beauty… did you see that cover? I just love it! And I love all of the covers in this series… just look!

I love the consistency with the fonts and styles used! It’s memorable and reliable and it works.. I am bursting with so much #coverlove

From the Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court is yet another story weaved with folklore tales that surprises with the level of imagination and adventure. It would be impossible for me to summarize briefly what this story is about, that’s what the blurb is for, y’all! And I have yet to master the art of summarizing! But clearly, as I’ve come to experience with Patrick’s books to date, he delivers yet another completely out of this world, seamless and imaginative story.

Nascha and Bradan are both likeable characters for their own specific reasons. Nascha grows up at the Owl Queen’s Court as a servant and has to hide the color of her hair as well as drink poison once a month for a reason she’s not really aware of. When big changes take place at the Owl Queen’s Court, Nascha finds herself in a life threatening situation. What follow is a natural character development through experiencing life in a whole different light. But that doesn’t mean it’s all flowers and rainbows.

Bradan showed me a certain level of innocence but a strong will to do good and big ambition. Perhaps his ambition, the fire and passion for which is stoked by good and kind reasons, is Bradan’s downfall but that will remain to be seen. With his heart in the right place and quick thinking, Bradan finds ways to be helpful to others. Is the ‘by any means possibly’ the right way to go in this case? That is the question…

The setting and supporting characters are as mind-blowing as ever! The Lady of the Forest, who is so dangerously cranky, but remains one of the more intriguing characters. The Vulpe! Or otherwise known as fox people… The spirits of old and forever being the source of power. The fight over territories, people and respect… This story is so well-delivered, you will find yourself lost in the embrace of this otherworldly setting.

In its core, the story is about characters who have firm goals they want to achieve in their lives and as always, when life is involved, there’s an obstacle to be had. Through difficulties, facing danger and questioning self what should be the best way forward, the reader will be taken on a journey where some of those goals will be achieved and others not… It’s a lesson of sometimes having to do what is necessary for the good of all and not just for self.

A good thing about ‘From the Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court’ and the previous 3 books is that the stories are equally love-worthy, linked by the same consistent dark fantasy and folklore elements whilst each remaining a stand-alone in the Yarnsworld series. I will say that whilst you can hop on board with any of the titles, it would be more beneficial if you follow the series in the order of publication. At the very least, read They Mostly Come Out At Night before any of the other titles… The Magpie King makes an appearance in From The Shadows of the Owl Queen’s Court and the turn of events and the link was a wonderful surprise. With the always present folktales from ages past weaved into the present storyline, Patrick bulks up the fantasy with information in an easy to absorb and intriguing manner.

I’ve had nothing but praise for Patrick’s previous books and my verdict remains the same for book #4. I continue to be amazed at and sucked into the world that opens up vividly in front of my eyes every time I open a Yarnsworld book and I truly cannot wait what Benedict Patrick has in store for us next!

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