If you saw my last related post- Liz does Creative Writing Course #1 – a week ago, then you already know that I signed up for 10 weekly creative writing sessions. Yesterday was the second session and it was great to see everyone again.

Again, we spoke about some poems and discussions took us in various directions, but importantly, the reason why I started this feature was to share the writing prompts and my own writing. So, do feel free to tag along- if a prompt makes your mind turn in creative spin, then share your own story in the comments.

Prompt: October

Guidance: Pick a very specific thing about October, e.g. wind, trees, Halloween. Anything that you relate with October first thing. Stay focused on this specific thing (as opposed to writing about wind and trees AND Halloween) and write a paragraph or two about it.

Here’s what I came up with:

Smoke Signal

The trees have shed their leaves. Leaves that not so long ago rustled in a summer breeze, offering shade from the burning midday sun.

Now, they are scattered on the ground, crumpled and dry. The color long gone from green to yellow to red.

The evergreen fur trees  in the corner of the garden offer shade and sentry as the brown, dead leaves are raked into a pile with an iron rake and lit with a long wooden match.

As the smoke twirls up from the airy pile of another season gone, it spreads across the village. With it, the smell of autumn. A signal of something ending, a start of something new.

The focus is on the life cycle of the leaves here and how in various ways they signal the feeling of autumn for me. The minute I smell the burning leaves, it slams home that snow isn’t far away. Or, you know, when I have to spend hours and hours raking leaves in the garden, which I actually do enjoy. The other little message I wanted to put in was that as the leaves are burning, the evergreens keep watch and the fact that the pile is lit with a wooden match- how ironic! But anyway…

I do not claim to know what I am doing, I do not claim to feel like I have this all under control, I do not claim to have a degree or anything of the sorts in the language of English so my apologies for any glaring stylistic/grammatical mistakes… ahem

What does this prompt ‘October’ bring to your mind? Feel free to share your own thoughts and story in the comments! 🙂