45719967._sy475_After uniting the bandit clans, the Iron Tusk has swept into Shengen and taken control of the empire. With an army behind him, he marches along the Skull Road, ready to lay waste to the lands in the west. The mountain fortress of Dunrun and its rag-tag defenders are all that stand in his way.

With their country besieged on all sides, troubling rumours of a priestess amassing power in the north, and unnatural alliances to the south, no help is coming. Alone, they must hold back the inhuman powers of the Iron Tusk, or see life as they know it come to an end.

The old gods have returned…

Source Format Pages Publisher Genre Publication Date
Titan Books eARC 400 Titan Books Fantasy June 18th, 2019

There’s no denying it, R.S Ford can write a book. My journey into the War of the Archons trilogy started with A Demon in Silver [myreview] – and what a great start to the trilogy it was. Happy to report that Ford continues the story strongly and on a consistent wave.

Whilst book 1 delivered more on the unexpected and exciting twists (it truly was like a rollercoaster ride with every page turn), Hangman’s Gate doesn’t simply rely on the element of surprise and rather crashes the scene like a solid, gym-going middle sibling who will take the same respect as the older sibling, thank you very much. Sometimes the middle books in trilogies are used a bit like ‘fillers’ in between the awesome start and roaring finish, giving the reader just enough to keep them hooked but not enough to satisfy. Hangman’s Gate does not trick the reader so, it delivers it’s full-bodied adventure complete with balls and brawl and heart.

With the trilogy so far, Ford shows his strength in creating the interesting relationship dynamics, the world of the gods interlacing with the world of the humans. Actually, the banter and skill to weave a lovely web of a world and setting aren’t the only strengths of writerly Ford – he does battle scenes in a way that could keep the most uninterested interested. Just enough to feel the whoosh of a battleaxe, but not so much as to make the eyes glaze over of the fairer sex.

I enjoyed that characters from book 1 were making their presence known, especially as they continued their storylines where they left off at the end of A Demon in Silver. And the new characters made their entrance with a bang, in Ctenka’s case with a weak squealy puff of air, but hey – there are great bloody things to look forward to in book 3… I simply cannot wait! And wait long I must not- book 3, The Spear of Malice, will be published in June this year! Woot-woot!

As this is a sequel, there isn’t much I will be revealing in terms of plot… #aintnobodygottimeforspoilers There are quite a few interesting twists and a solid progression of the story. Know this – with gods at war and humans meddling in between – anything can happen.

Now… If I do have one criticism, it’s that I would have loved more of Josten on a pirate ship with the crazies- that shit was wicked entertaining! XD