Hello and welcome to the long overdue The Boopdate!

You know, just when I think things are starting to settle and fall into a routine, something explodes or life just gets so busy, I don’t even know what time of day it is. Usually, I just know I am hungry- again, tired- again, and I just seem to be able to do some work, feed people – all the time feed someone, and wash dishes. Today is literally, no joke, the first time in a long time I can sit here with a cup of soup in my hand, and do nothing else other than write this blog post… I predict, I have about 30 minutes left before the kid wakes up! So, as quick as I can… first a few titles I have read lately and considerably more titles I have bought (rolls eyes… as if I have time to read them….)

Storm Front by Jim Butcher: Who doesn’t know or hasn’t heard about Harry Dresden, hey?! I was able to get a used paperback copy of a bookswap site in Estonia, in English, in mind condition/unread, and I thought- now or never! Well, let me tell you – I started the book and I was unable to stop until I had finished the book. It’s truly good. I have also been told that the first few books aren’t even the best ones of the whole series – so I can’t imagine how immensely I will enjoy reading these books and catching up! I did order Fool Moon, the sequel, but for the first time in my life – it has gone missing in post and I was refunded… And I’ll be damned if I buy a new copy in Estonia – it would set me back 26 euro. 26 fucking euro… forget about it! Any Harry Dresden fans here, raise your hands?

Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro: this title was a library loan via Overdrive. I waited for it quote a number of weeks, but it just so happened that life was hectic and I was mentally drained and I couldn’t really get into the book 100% – so, without much hesitation I returned the loan at 42% instead of extending my loan, especially seeing there were more people waiting to read it. But anyway, I just wasn’t feeling it – and it’s totally down to me – the topic is intriguing, there’s a sort of gloomy and shall I say oppressive feel to the title which probably tackles quite a few interesting societal issues with the inclusion of artificial intelligence… for that reason, I parked the book, instead of marking it as DNF. I think I may just want to pick it up again in the future. If you’ve read it, let me know what you thought?

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas: can you hear the angel-song? Yeah, that’s me, finished with my re-read of this title. Damn, it’s good. I love revenge stories anyway, and this one is just mind blowingly good. One thing, however, really stood out for me during this read… how people even verbally fought with grace and manners. Had a spat with someone? You still call them sir or madame and you damn well better be polite about it! Love it, so I do, the high point of education and ethics! hehehe…

The Glass Rhapsody by Sarah Chorn: The last book I reviewed in full was Of Honey and Wildfires and like everyone else, I bloody loved the book so naturally, I am going to continue with the sequel. Chorn writes a magnificent prose! Songs of Sefate on Goodreads

The Piledriver of Fate by Samuel Gately: again – I read the first title, which I have reviewed here- The Headlock of Destiny – and hello, favourite book! I’d be mad not to read on… Samuel Gately has a gift when it comes to writing a mix of hilarious, adventurous, heartfelt! Titan Wars #1 on Goodreads

Empire’s Heir by Marian L. Thorpe: ohh, man… how do I even tell you? Marian is one of my absolute favourite authors. She’s so, so, so intelligent and her books are just a breath of fresh air by breaking genre boundaries. Fantasy meets alternative history. The characters become your family as you read through the series… yeah, Empire’s Heir is book #6 in the Empire’s Legacy series.. and every.single.book has managed to blow me away with adventure, political intrigue, personal development of characters, just the LOVE!!!! oh, the love! You’ll have to read it to feel it! Empire’s Legacy on Goodreads

Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City by K.J. Parker: this, I believe, was on sale; and since this had been recommended by a fellow Estonian as a good humoured, fun book, I didn’t have to think twice. Goodreads

Wulf by Set Sytes: I think if anyone puts the word ‘bastard’ intothe book blurb, you can be sure, I’ll want to read the book. Also, Western SFF is a bit of a winning combination. So, this happened with Wulf. I saw it on sale on one of the BookBub newsletters and I signed up for this immediately. I mean, go to the book’s Goodreads page and read the blurb… are you not intrigued? Goodreads

Torpor: Or, The Disquieted Vicissitudes of the Inchoate by Jack CJ Stark: It’s been too long since I last read anything by Stark. I need to rectify that, so, seeing this fresh title by Jack, I got a copy pretty quick! Now, I just need to read it, soon! Also, that title – my tongue is tied and I have NO idea what any of it means – bring it on! Goodreads

The Last Watch by J. S. Dewes: oh, hello, this was a sale buy. I don’t read much hardcore scifi, so you say- Why though? Why get this book?… glad you asked… See, the blurb (on Amazon) says there is an asshole character. Was I going to say NO to an asshole character? Hell no. I was going to want to read this book and meet this asshole character! Goodreads

Blood Mercenaries Origins by Ben Wolf: Christ, these book haul posts are making me confess to all sorts of emo-buys… anyway, this book was on sale, saw it on BookBub newsletter… or was it Book Cave? One of those anyway… and, I liked the cover and the title. Reasons, valid! But, actually, this looks like a good introduction to Blood Mercenaries trilogy so who knows, maybe a new long-lasting relationship starts for me right here, with this title. Pray for me! Goodreads

Audrey by Sean-Paul Thomas: I absolutely do not know what to expect from this book. Romance? yes… Some French vibe? Probably, I am guessing, yes… oh my word- a cougar? Who knows! Anyway… Something about it was catchy enough for me to decide I wanted to read this. Oh yes… also Scottish author. I mean, not a single Scottish author has been a disappointment for me to date. Goodreads

So, here we are then, at the end of this The Boopdate post… Let me know if any of these caugh your eye or if any of these you have read – open to warnings, hype and general commentary… Ciao for now!