Good day, everyone!

Not long ago I reviewed “After Life” and interviewed the author Daniel Ionson.

I am absolutely certain that the review made you all iffy and restless and leaving you to figure out ways on how to get your hands on the book. Well!! Good news!! Daniel is doing a Giveaway on Goodreads. You can enter it here!!!

If you are not on Goodreads yet, then this is a perfect reason for joining 🙂 Come on- come to the book-side and kick it off with a chance to win a great book to decorate your bookshelf (after you’ve read it of course!)

Hurry, though- the giveaway will be closed for entries in 2 days. That’s TWO days, folks and I can assure you- it will be in as big a demand as warm bread (sorry, that’s probably some sort of Soviet time typical-estonian-type “inside joke”- warm bread was something people queued for hours at the shop door back then)