5 sentences you might hear from the Irish

“Jesus christ lads, that would blow the tits righ aff ye”- I guess the meaning is: “The vodka is so strong, it would blow the tits right off you” or something being so impactful it would blow the tits right off you.

“Sure I’m fucking flat out”- meaning: I am busy

“I’m up the walls”- meaning: I am busy

“You’re on the ball”- meaning: to have everything under control

“Ah go away!”- used in an (argumentative) dialogue- A: “The local politicians are building a new road!”, B: “Ah, go away, sure that road won’t be finished in your lifetime!” OR for voicing surprise- “Go away, they did not just do that!”


I am sure there’s more, but I’ll capture them as I hear them 🙂 If you know any, leave them in the comments! 🙂


  1. hahahaa…love this post. Some phrases in NZ:
    ´True!´ – when something is cool
    ´ i will ring you´- i will call you
    local slang (mostly Maoori) – ghee, bro, cuz (cousin)
    ´sandals´ – flip flops aka plätud
    there is more but can´t remember now and the battery is gonna die in a sec 🙂

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    • confusing to me in Ireland was when someone told me: “I’ll call in later”… I thought they would be ringing, when they meant they will be visiting!!!

      oh.. and half two (time) is 2:30 not 1:30… that was a valuable lesson, otherwise I was always an hour early for the bus 😀

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