DISCLAIMER! Below is an example of a couple of men. By no means am I “painting all men with the same brush”

I know men who are the complete opposite and would never utter a word of their troubles.

Yes- This post could be about women, too!

So, just read and nod.. we all do it sometimes! 😀


I always wither away inside when I hear men moaning. Moan once, that should do.. But no, often they keep at it like broken record!

OK, I get it when they’re sick- it really isn’t nice with a stuffed nose and a sore throat. Whatever.

But at work, or when they have to do something they have to show even the slightest bit more attention and action to than they’re used to behind their PS3 while sitting in an armchair with their feet up, and they sound like someone has placed the whole world’s problems on top of their fragile, love-needing shoulder. It just never ends…

“Ahhh, this is going to be a big task!”…

5 minutes of silence, maybe a trip for a cigarette or to make a cup of coffee. Sit down… and after a minute…

“Ohh, I just couldn’t deal with this now!”


“It’s not great at all, I am getting confused”

… (if I had lasers in my eyes, now would be the time I places me “finger on the button”)

“I have no time for this, I am busy with other stuff!!!”

(me thinking- what other stuff??? Watching videos on Youtube? … finger on button for lasers in eyes lowering…)


“Ahh, this is such a mess. Oohh, I don’t want to be doing this.”


“Where has the day gone?”

….adjusting posture for the 100th time as if NOW they will ACT!



(Yes, I think? Is he finished?)


“I have no choice do I, I just have to do this. Change everything around in this! aaarrghh!”


(I give up. I switch my brain top another level and ignore any sound waves coming out of this male-machine of a moaning factory!!! How is one meant to hear their thoughts through all this huffing and puffing???)