First of all I would like to mention that Hopebreaker is a steampunk novel. The only thing I “know” of steampunk is the fashion accessories which can be very popular among the gothic growd. Needless to say, I was very excited to approach Dean on Goodreads and offer to review his novel.

Source: Goodreads

Isn’t the cover already so fresh and unique? I love it!

I started reading Hopebreaker and I realized why I love reading so much. In every book there exist sentences that stop me in my tracks and thrill me. Their simple yet genius meaning makes me so happy. Only a couple of pages into the novel I came across a sentence in Hopebreaker that did exactly that-

“In prison, words could still fit through the bars” Dean F. Wilson

The dialogue is so very entertaining and flows very naturally.

Before reading I was a bit worried whether I would be able to get into the whole theme, as .. you know… steampunk! Meaning gogs, and tech and turning iron wheels and robust machinery. In Estonia  the old water towers are still present next to the railway stations where old trains running on steam would have got their water. Doesn’t sound super-sexy. But in a way it IS!!! So, yes, I stalled with picking up the book. On Sunday I thought- now or never, baby!

I started and I couldn’t put the story down. I finished reading this book a few hours later and I was very satisfied in how great my choice of Sunday PM entertainment had turned out to be!

Don’t be fooled- this is by no means “a boy’s book” only. This is totally and very much enjoyable by female audience as well. Don’t let the tank on the book cover scare you away!

I also found it very agreeable as to how the book ended. I know there will be a second one (and hopefully a third one?) and I can’t wait to read more! Sometimes the first book ends and it just, you know, ends. You don’t really miss or yearn for more because .. you know… it’s finished/caput/done with the theme, the characters and the whole idea. But The Great Iron War will stick to my mind for some time yet!

There wasn’t an overpowering amount of place descriptions (which some of us don’t like- yawn!) but there was exactly enough to feed my imagination’s greedy belly. I have those pictures in my head of the desert, of the characters. Of the cities and demons, the trains and landships. I do suggest you look up pictures from Google for steampunk. A feast for eyes and a guaranteed enhancement for your reading experience! Who knows, you might even get a pair of them goggles!

You can find out more about the author, Hopebreaker and other books on this website!

Hoping that I was able to start a flame of want for the book in you- here is the Amazon UK link to get Hopebreaker for your Kindle

And- here is Amazon USA link to get your Kindle copy 🙂

A link for Goodreads! (PS! There’s a Giveaway still open for Hopebreaker with 5 copies available- make sure to try your luck!)

It literally came out on Amazon today!!! And for the small price it’s a helluva read! I promise!