First- no matter how hard I try, I don’t think I will ever like these mandatory Christmas time mince pies. They’re not meat mince pies, I wouldn’t mind a bit of meat. But that “mince” is this Christmassy, tooth-ache-sweet, spiced-up fruit jam? Something-something? Anyway, just not my “piece of cake” .. ha!

Secondly, I ended up on The 69 Eyes- Never Say Die video (above). I used to listen to this band a lot. I like the vocals. Anyway, in the video there’s a blond girl and some Mr “Oh, look at me, I’m so Punk” commented how a blonde girl can not be punk and that blonde girls are who*es.

You know what? I don’t even bother getting irritated with humans anymore (I mean, I do, but not as often anymore) You just can’t win when there’s narrow-minded brains out there like that. I just laugh now and wonder what life must be like for them…?

As for hair color, I have pretty much worn it all… I have been pink, purple, black, mousy brown and the oh, so sinful blonde. I wouldn’t say the color of my hair affected my life in any way. But how cool would it be if it did?

I mean, you would be able to decide on a monthly basis (or more often, whatever tickles you) whether you were a mousy brown librarian fit to become a nun, pink haired bimbo who loves bubble gum, purple haired weirdo because it’s the color of unicorns or black because you want to feel like a emo-screamo-gothic diva. Imagine it! We would never get fed up and tired of anyone then, we would all be like chameleons, changing hair and personalities for our morning routine.


Happy Christmas, everyone!