Like me, for example.

My first driving lesson went alright. It was a tiny 1 litre petrol Renault and I didn’t feel intimidated. After 10 minutes of chatting what is where, like wipers, indicator, etc I was put behind the wheel and on the road amongst traffic. A lot of people might have been angry cause I was going 50 in a 100 area. I would have gone faster, cause the road was straight and good, but my teacher kept telling me to stick to 50. Anyway, I left my first lesson with a lighter heart as I was still alive, right? And my teacher didn’t yell at me!

Learner drivers get a Logbook in Ireland where all their 12 mandatory driving lessons will be recorded and the teacher will write down the areas the learner needs to practice in between lessons. I need to practice starting and stopping.

Great, so this morning I thought I’ll give my newly found confidence a go and drive my husband’s 2 litre diesel up to the main road. Never made it! I conked the car 4 times and then I gave up cause I was getting late for work (I know, only fools won’t find excuses!) Yes, you may laugh, how miserable am I with this driving business, eh? 😀

Here’s to hoping that my attempts at driving will go a bit better this evening…