Oooh, here it is! My review of a book that made me so excited to be reading something so magnificent!


Let me start of with the basics:

  • I think everyone should read this book (old, young, religious, atheist, whether you’re into debating, or not)
  • This book, I’d like to think, IS (already in my mind) and will hopefully become a good neutral common ground for us all, and widely so!

We have been arguing, and fighting (sometimes violently) over certain matters simply knowing that what WE say is the TRUTH. While the opposing side counteracts with exactly the same words. Has it taken us anywhere? No… I think, what Daniel has done, by writing this book, is simply spell it out for all of us that there is a chance we are all RIGHT, opposing sides or not. Or perhaps we are all WRONG…

Let me ask you this, the very same question which blew my own mind while reading, how often do we actually allow ourselves to admit publicly and in humble manner that we are, indeed, wrong sometimes? Interesting, isn’t it?


I wish this book would have been published, like, 10 years ago… This way I would have read it and all, and any, arguments I would have been involved with would have been so different. This book has given me some serious ammo in terms of debating over one issue or another. I’m so excited because I always find myself saying in arguments- but we’re all different…Now, difference is, I can say it so much more intelligently!

Good questions, many of them, are raised by Daniel and along with some deep, yet easy to comprehend quotes, this read will shift your world… Maybe even your belief paradigm! Or, so I would hope…

This book will ease you into a state of mind that might not only help you build more tolerance but also help you accept a good neutral way to ask questions, about everything, and try on the “other shoes” without offering judgement! The guidelines are clearly written in the book.


And the Truth Shall Make You Flee gave me hope. And even better- I learned so many new things and words. For example. Do you know anything about “Heaven’s Gate” and what happened in 1997? Or, do you know what cognitive dissonance means? Well, you are able to read about them and more…


Below are a few quotes I picked out from the book, you know, to make you yearn for the full account:

  • “When we need to be our strongest and most lucid, we become our weakest and most blind.”
  • “Instead, the new picture of our brain shows a persistent “plastic” quality. Our thoughts, experiences, beliefs, emotions, etc. mold our neural pathways. The more we think particular thoughts and attitudes, the stronger those pathways become.”
  • “Open-mindedness, therefore, is not a static or inherited state; instead it is a highly intentional activity.”
  • “The scientific principle that a claim is untrue unless proven otherwise runs counter to our natural tendency to accept as true which we can comprehend quickly.”


Basically, Daniel writes, with good examples, how we all have certain beliefs, how we base all our lives depending on this belief and how easily we disregard any opposing arguments. Topics such as politics and religion are covered. Hope this sounds intriguing enough… I personally feel And the Truth Shall Make You Flee should be printed and copied in millions of exemplars and distributed to all corners of this planet.


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