to every story and then there’s one more- the truth.

Your story, his/her story, the bystander’s story and the truth. We all have our own versions and yet we are all so painstakingly close and/or afar to/from the truth. Why is it we hardly ever know the real in’s and out’s of something, or everything, or nothing?

If you think of your own actions of late, can you honestly, like with serious honesty, say that you haven’t lied about this fact or another? Even held back bits of information to make something seem/sound better? We bend our ideas based on how we would like certain things to appear or be. To make ourselves comfortable. We have always done it and will continue to do so. Some of us even do so without realizing it.

If Truth was like physical energy that didn’t just appear/disappear, and rather was this one big item, with it’s various truthful corners spread out across the world and woven through each and every person, I wonder when was the last time the real Truth was out there? Before it was being bent, twisted and molded to everybody’s personal likings.

Or maybe, the Truth was never there. Maybe it was meant to be created as an untouchable, unreachable, mix and match type noun? Maybe we are so busy looking for the Truth that doesn’t even exist? It’s quite cunning of truth, don’t you think? It makes us run around in circles, it fools us to think it’s out there and makes our attention sway from the real game. The lies… It’s the lies that we should be dealing with not hop out there to hunt the Truth, without taking into consideration the lies, the way we want/need it to be. Do I make sense? When we hunt Truth without basing our chase on the lies given to us, we do so because we know we wanted a different answer. When we deal with lies, we get to the bottom of why an answer that didn’t suit us was given to us. Dealing with lies leads us to the real Truth. Hunting for Truth will lead us to the next convenient answer.

(Funny, I just read another blog post while writing here and they spoke about truth, too… Must be the time of year or something!?)

Yes, it’s the same with you and me and her and him- we all hold something back sometimes and lie, a little white lie we say will be better than truth, because truth is said to hurt. You know what?

Screw Truth. Let’s take a more human approach. How about we try honesty?

Ha! And we’re back to the beginning of our vicious circle… We are as honest as convenient and/or damaging it will prove to be ourselves. I haven’t met a single person that hasn’t lied. Everybody lies. To themselves, and to everybody else. All the time. Because we like to feel the power of doing it, we like the feel of superiority of knowing more than the person next to us. Or we feel fear.. The fear of not being up to standards in our own or in the eyes of someone else.

I don’t even know where this is going anymore.. I just wanted to quiet my mind so I can get some work done…