Fantastic feedback from “Broken Empire Trilogy” fans… I enjoyed the books myself on a whole new level and would absolutely, indefinitely recommend Mark’s work as your next read!

that thorn guy

Kareem Art by Kareem Freshpots Mahfouz

Thank you very much to everyone who took part in this little contest and shared their thoughts and feelings on Mark’s books. It was very difficult to choose only three out of over forty superb entries and I wish I could have a book sent to every one of you.  

Very many thanks to guest judges Alicia Wanstall-Burkeand Joy Cronjefor helping with this difficult decision! The three winners we finally agreed on are:


Garrett Rentz:

“There is a beauty to Mark Lawrence’s writing that I’m hard pressed to find anywhere else. Masterfully written characters and beautiful prose outlining a mysterious, yet familiar, world. Lawrence has a wonderful way of making you fall in love with characters as broken and flawed as any the world has seen. There’s something in Jorg beyond the hatred and cunning that feels as basic to…

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