It is true that when I first started dating my husband he bought a new phone subscription with the same provider as I was using simply for the fact that it was saving us a lot of money what with 20 texts and hour long calls a day, on top of not being apart a single night! Come to think of it- over the last 4 and a half years I think we have only spent about 5 nights apart due to work. He knows how I always wish I could go to Estonia during the summer but won’t because he is too busy with work to leave the country. This year he has told me I should go on my own for a while and enjoy. But, how strange will that be? Traveling alone when we have been doing everything together for the past few years? Hmhh…

Anyway, going back to the free calls and texts. Once we moved together there was no need to be on the same phone provider network. Calls were short and texts unnecessary. I changed my number over to his provider network anyway, for the reason that my own provider was sold to a different company and they don’t sit well with me.

This morning I realized I need to activate the free calls&texts bundle. Fantastic system really. So, I am on pay as you go sim and when I top op by €20 I get free calls and texts to any numbers in the same network for 30 days. The reason I need to do this is because I am spending a bloody fortune every morning on my husband over the phone. Well, if you count every weekday morning over a month it will amount to a fortune!

A system has developed in between us where I wake up in the mornings, go make coffee and then text him, still sleeping upstairs, that it’s time to get up!

Yup! True, that!

I could always just run upstairs again to shake him up, but by the time coffee is ready I just… I just want to sit down and enjoy the coffee, you know? It’s morning, I wish I was still in bed and running through the house twice every single morning is not an option. Mornings are a time to reflect on the day ahead, it’s a short peaceful quite time to prepare the mind and body… And fill it with sugar! =)

There are days I really condemn technology, for obvious reasons, but these are the moments I am glad I can just send a simple text, like in a hotel, but hey- whatever works!