Today I would like to introduce you to John.

Everyone, say “Hi John!”

I have been following his blog for quite a while and he has never failed to deliver funny stories from his real life travels, which always seem to make a valid point and teach the reader a useful lesson. For example, the latest post tells us not to have a coffee with three extra shots as karma will catch you and glue you to the loo! Aside from fun, wit and obvious intelligence John is also a genuinely nice guy!

In fact, he is so nice that he has written a book of real life comedy travels from which ALL proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support.

The book can be purchased from Amazon for a small price which aids a good cause. Cancer is something of a fear of mine what with my visits to the skin clinic over the past couple of years to rule out and minimise risk of melanoma.

If you could spread the word and help a good cause- I thank you!

Let’s fight and beat cancer!