Off the grid?

You know, the time of year when biologically the human part of you tries to switch over to the summer time (and by the time it has managed, the summer is more than likely over). The time of year that has you molting like a dog… Really… When I hoover the carpet in front of the bed I just rub the hair that has fallen off my head into fluffy balls and I sigh in defeat- yep, it’s the time of year- I’m off the grid mentally and physically. I’m worn down, losing hair and wondering when motivation will kick me into gear again. Tough going, lads. Tough going…

Everything is a task too big to bear and I drag my sorry ass through the days and weeks like a hibernating sloth. Do sloths hibernate? No? There then, you see what I mean… I think things have really turned to shite when I couldn’t even be bothered to get angry, mad, irritated… It’s just a passive vegetation of a pointless human being that is currently me.

To all the Estonians celebrating St John’s Eve- enjoy your sky high bonfires and delicious bbq’s (: I wish I was back in Estonia just to go looking for glow-worms and stay up all night soaking in the smoke from the fires, staring at the flames and listening to people drunkenly blabber about all things and nothings. I wish I was back in 2000 and something, sitting in some old lady’s raspberry bushes, stealing her berries with distant sounds of village banter in my ears. Ah, the simplest things that used to excite… I pine for these simple nothings now…


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