Blown a fuse?

One of my colleagues keeps sending me Youtube links to music they like (which I don’t) and I keep sending them back links of music that I do like (and they don’t). Today I got a link for Billie Holiday. The horrors!


I can not, for the life of me, listen to jazz. It makes me feel lost, irritated, annoyed and irrational. What’s wrong with my brain? It’s music and I’m quite positively sure it’s great artistic music, but I just can’t. It’s the instrumental that just… it sends me to a frenzy… My ears can’t comprehend what’s going on.. hence I believe I blew a fuse when I was born.

My colleague told me that once I calm down (like in the future) I will eat my words and remember their words- I will start liking jazz. Little do they know- I used to be calm and I will be calm no longer. Angry roaring music with double bass drums and swooshing long hair makes me calm now. It’s like channeling all the inner turmoils through the energy of the type of music that a lot of people frown upon. Well, I frown upon modern day pop music. I’m gonna go ahead and give it to you straight- it’s shit! Just like some say metal is shit. There- let’s agree and go each to our respective corners (:

Every time I listen to my favorite bands my insides swell… I mean, I feel like my lungs want to explode because there’s so much that wants to get out…Does that make sense? This crazy, sometimes wordless screaming, kind of music makes me structured… Makes me focused… It makes me move on as if it gives me powers.

Sure- I don’t meant to be a complete square. I realize people don’t argue over taste- they fight. I don’t mean to start a fight. I realize we all like our own things. What I like doesn’t make it a “set on stone” truth and the right thing… I just wanted to share this because I feel like this is what will get me through the day.


    • Haha.. I know.. it’s a defect of mine that I am not happy about… I mean, jazz is great right? I mean, everyone digs jazz and I just .. can;t… jazz comes on, and I try.. so hard… and give up and walk away to different tunes, to silence, anythinbg else! 😀 it is sad… but maybe, maybe in the future I will indeed start liking jazz… I do love blues however! Yeah, blues is good.


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